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June 2008

Hever Castle

If you want to inherit something...Hever Castle has to be one of the things worth inheriting...and a certain chap by the name of Thomas Boleyn did in 1505.

What a fabulous little pile to be handed...!!

Thomas was the father of Anne Boleyn of course....Henry VIII second wife...a woman who would lose her head for High Treason in 1536....oddly enough two members of the jury were one guy she had been betrothed to....Henry Percy....and another by the name of Thomas Howard, her Uncle!

Anne married Henry VIII in June 1533 (popped out Elizabeth I in September, enough said!) it didnt really last too long....though the run up to the mairriage wasnt exactly smooth...Anne betrothed to Henry Percy back in 1523 though he had already been betrothed to someone else previous to that so he was spoken for!....Henry VIII wanted to dump his then wife, Catherine, but the Pope wouldnt and hence the whole Catholic Church thing went bottoms up as far as Henry was concerned,

Henry VIII inherited the castle after Thomas Boleyn popped his clogs in 1539 and gave it to Anne of Cleves as part of the Annulment of their marriage....Phew!! all went on back then....!!!

Anyway, back to me and up to date a I am having some cheeky fun....

Some interesting topiary is to be seen around the castle grounds.....I particularly liked this deer...

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