Monday, 24 August 2015


May 2007

Time to head we got on a big plane that took us so far....Aberdeen....

.....then we had to get on a smaller plane that took us a bit further....Inverness...

Then things changed a bit.....

...not only an eight seater but the luggage allowance dropped...!  From 20kg to 15kg, which produced the amusing site of some people having to wear lots of clothing from their suitcase to get it down to 15kg having packed for the full initial allowance....ha ha ha!

Here I am assuming the position....if youve never flown on these small planes they more interesting....!

We flew in to Kirkwall on the main island.  Mostly a pebble dash affair, grey, bleak....but then it was only a short stopover for the beginning and end of the holiday....the rest would be island hopping!

We picked up the hire car and headed in to Kirkwall itself for a nights rest.  And the next morning instead of heading further north....we headed south!  Across the mainland and on to Burray via the great 4th Churchill Barrier.  This allows plenty of protection for Scapa Flow. 

Scapa Flow is famous for the scuttling of the German fleet after their defeat in World War 1.

Across Burray and on to South Ronaldsey to our first proper destination...The Tomb of the I am at the entrance, the only way in....via this pulley system....

Its a Neolithic chambered tomb....when it was discovered it contained around 16, 000 human bones and nearly 1000 bird bones from White-tailed Sea Eagles.  These birds are being re-introduced to this area.

After this it was back to the airport for a flight on the eight seater....and a few days island hopping and walking the sites on Shapinsay, Westray and Papa Westray.

On one island Dad wanted to watch the birds....Mum wanted to watch Dad...and neither of them watched that post disappear right up my chuff!!

After returning from the trip round a few of the islands we had a day to tour the West of the mainland.....a visit to Stromness was on the schedule....just as soon as we had visited...

Skara Brae

They cant mean me?

Its Europes most complete Neloithic village and was occupied from 3180BC.....its older than the pyramids and Stonehenge....!

Reward is everything.....

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